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A world building group art show at Studio Flamingosaurus Rex

2nd June - 8th July 2018

In a not so distant future women have had enough of pretty much everything and have begun to fight back.

Taking it upon themselves to rid the world of cat callers, assaulters & general assholes.

All while looking hot AF, fully embracing all things pink and sparkly and customising their weapons accordingly.

You will remember them.

If they let you live. 

Weapon up.


The first solo exhibition by Alice Carnegie shown at Studio Flamingosaurus Rex

29th September - 25th October 2017

 Bubblegum was an evolution of my work exploring women, girl gangs and teen culture.

The exhibition displayed works exploring characters in my own "Girl Gang Universe".

The intention of this ever expanding universe is  to represent all types of women, their interests and what makes them unique.

Although the pieces are playful and "cute" the women are confronting and particular pieces are a response

to the everyday frustrations of being a female in the world. 

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